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Pocket Jam

Jam sessions you can carry in your pocket

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Practise any song.

You can play any song in your iTunes library — that’s music transferred from your computer to your device.

Or add anything that shows up in the Files app. That’s your Safari downloads, iCloud, or other providers like Dropbox (provided you have their app).

Section looping

Change songs for your instrument and ability.

You no longer have to retune your instrument if a song is in a different tuning to you — and you no longer need a capo. Now you can transpose the song any amount of semitones up to an octave.

When a song is too fast or slow, you can control that too. Change the tempo anywhere between half and double the original.

All in real time.

Section looping

Loop sections. Practise until perfect.

Looping lets you pick specific parts of the song you want to practise. Just drag the left and right handles on the play bar to set the start and end of the loop.

With a loop set up up, you can use the speed trainer to have it start each loop playing slowly, and gradually speed up after each loop. Tweak how slow it starts, and how many loops it takes to reach the full tempo.

Section looping

Skip to the good bit.

Set up section markers in your song for the bits that are important to you.

Use them to jump to the section in playback, or to set up loops between sections faster.

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