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Jacob Parker


Senior JavaScript developer specialising in React and React Native. Contributor to React Native, good with Swift, Objective C, and some Java on Android


Specialist in javascript, both in browser and with nodejs. Fully up-to-date with everything from ES6 to ES2019, and a user of typescript and jest.

Favourite libraries and tools include React and React Native, Redux, Lodash FP, RXJS, D3, ESLint, Webpack, Babel, and Gulp. Author of many React, React Native, and CSS packages on NPM.


Skilled in vanilla CSS, SASS, and postCSS setup. Also experienced with JavaScript solutions, including CSS Modules, and am a collaborator on Styled Components. Experience in responsive design, bootstrap, foundation, BEM, and progressive enhancement.


Knowledgable of python, with experience in web frameworks, including Flask, and data analysis libraries Numpy and Scipy. Contributed to Pygments syntax highlighting project, used by O’Reily for their book publishing.


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Zoopla, Tower Bridge

Started as a senior developer on the search results page team doing full stack development using Node, Express, Handlebars, and vanilla JavaScript on the client. Moved to the new homes team to build a Vue.js app for portfolio pages detailing new property developments. Used Nuxt to deliver a universal (isomorphic) web app with fully responsive styling using SCSS.

Our Star Club, Fitzrovia

Architected React web and React Native applications for Otro—a sports-based social media platform. Set up key infrastructure and guided the team through native development. We used Fastlane and CircleCI for automated testing and TestFlight deployment. Integrated many native code libraries in both Swift and Java where existing React Native bindings were not available.

Concentra, St Paul’s

Senior developer working on a the OrgVue web app specialising in visualising large organisational hierarchies with over 500,000 people, and being fully interactive with drag and drop between both the UI and visualisations. Developed a platform to render organisation charts in-browser at 60fps, while also allowing fully native PowerPoint export to allow consultants to tweak the design before giving a presentation. Used D3, React, Redux, and React-DND, among other libraries.

Other Places


University of York

First Class honours BSc in Theoretical Physics.