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A smart calculator for a smart phone

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TechniCalc is every bit functional as it is beautiful.

The modern interface that makes a clean break from traditional pocket calculators. Equations are entered in a natural way, adhering to every detail of hand-written maths.

The advanced maths engine also makes this the only calculator you’ll ever need.

You’ll find your garden variety logs, sins, and cosines — but for when you need it, the engine has full support for imaginary numbers, vectors, matrices, sums and products, and differentiation and integration.

Unit conversion

Converting between units couldn’t be simpler — or more powerful.

All the units you would expect are supported, and you can combine them infinitely.

Meters to yards? check.

Kilogram-meters-per-second-squared to something else? Also check.

Equation solver

Solvers give you answers. Fast.

Find all the roots for quadratic and cubic equations.

Find the intersection of multiple lines or planes.

Even find a root for any given equation.


Every constant you’ll ever need, built right in

With over 100 constants built in, no matter whether you’re doing engineering, physics, or chemistry, you’ll find every constant you need.

If you don’t? You can add your own — and even give your own symbol.

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Available on iOS and Android